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12:00 Noon, Way Of Life, Traditions Clubhouse2 (O-D)  
12:00 Noon, Mid-Day "Living Sober" Group, Springboro Franklin Club3  (O-D)

5:30 PM, Women's Discussion, Living In The Solution,  Springboro Franklin Club3  (C-D-W)
7:00 PM,  Traditions and Steps Meeting, Traditions Clubhouse2 (O-D)  
CLOSED 7:30 PM, Discussion Meeting, Springboro Franklin Club3 (O-D)
7:30 PM, Red Lion 12 Step Group, United Methodist Church 
	RT 122-123-741 Intersection, Red Lion, OH (WA) (C-D)
7:30 PM, Germantown "Joe & Charlie" Group, 
	Train Depot in Germantown, OH 45327 (WA)(O-D)
7:30 PM, Eastern Group
	Big Book Study at Church of Ascension (3rd Floor) 
	McGee and McKnight, Middletown, OH (O-D) 45042 

2 = Traditions Clubhouse, 1718 Philadelphia Ave, Middletown, OH 45044  423-4300
3 = Franklin Springboro Club, 778 West Central Ave., Springboro, OH 45066