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Guidelines for Committees etc.

mg-02 Central or Intergroup Offices.pdf


mg-04_Conferences, Conventions and Roundups.pdf

mg-05_Cooperating with Court, DWI and similar programs.pdf

mg-06_Correctional Facilities Committee.pdf

mg-07_Public Information .pdf

mg-08_Relationship between AA and Al-Anon.pdf

mg-09_Literature Committees.pdf

mg-10_For AA Members Employed in the Alcoholism Field.pdf

mg-11_Cooperation with the Professional Community.pdf

mg-12_AA Answering Services.pdf

mg-13_Carrying the AA Message to the Deaf Alcoholic.pdf

mg-14_Treatment Facilities Committees.pdf

mg-15_Finance .pdf

mg-16_Serving Alcoholics with Special Needs.pdf

mg-17_Archives Committees.pdf