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MiniConference in a Nutshell.pdf


2016 (66th) Gen Serv Conference Theme and Presentation Topics.pdf

Delegate Highlights of the 65th General Service Conference.pdf

Changes to Area 56 in a nutshell.pdf

Changes recommended by What Where & When.pdf

2015 MiniConference Items and Vote.pdf

Mary's 2006 Report on General Service Conference in pdf

The Twelve Steps

The Twelve Traditions

Southwest Ohio Area 56 Handbook .pdf (6 meg takes a while)

Benefits of Being A Registered Group

57th FINAL Conf Agenda Items (English).rtf

06-16-2007 57th gsc advisory actions additional considerations failed recommendations floor actions.pdf

Alicia's 60th General Service Conference Report.pdf

60th Genereal Service Report Advisory Actions.pdf

61st General Service Conference AgendaItems.pdf

Alicia's Article on the  2011 ECR Forum.pdf