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Area 56 Panel 68 Officers (January 2018 to December 2019)

Jenny C.       Delegate

Nancy F.      Alt Del/Area Chair

Andrea H.   Registrar

Annette S.   Treasurer

Sandra H.    Recording Secretary

Committee Chairs

Nacho M.

Communications Chair VACANT

Corrections Chair Courtney V.

Finance Chair    Bob H.

Grapevine Chair    Laura F.

Group Sevices Chair    Diana K.

Hospitality Chair    Anjie J.

Literature Chair    Garcia. G

Area 56 Mini Conference Chair    Laura G.

Outreach Chair    VACANT


Treatment/Accessibilities Chair VACANT

Website    Holly R.

Cincinati Intergroup Liaison     Ray E.

Dayton Intergroup Liaison    Warren G.



Area 56 Panel 66 Officers

Laura G.    Delegate  

Ismenie N.: Alt. Delegate/Area Chair  .

Jenny C.    Registrar 

David L.    Treasurer  

Laura F.:    Secretary  

Area 56 Calender 2018.pdf

2017 A56 Calendar of Events afterApril.pdf

Area 56 Mission Statement Click Link A56MissionStatement.pdf

2017 Area 56 MiniConference Results  Results.pdf

Area 56 Financials 10/18/15 Click Link  FinanceCharts_Oct2015.pdf

2016 Gen. Service Conference Theme Presentation/Discussion  Topics.pdf

2016VotingResults A56Committee A56 Mini Conf Gen Service Conf.pdf

Newsletters & Minutes

A56Newsletter/Walking With Purpose Vol. 1 Issue 1.pdf

A56Newsletter/Walking With Purpose Vol. 1 Issue 2.pdf

A56Newsletter/Walking With Purpose Vol. 1 Issue 3.pdf

A56Newsletter/Walking With Purpose Vol. 1 Issue 4.pdf

A56Newsletter/Walking_With_Purpose_Vol_2 Issue_1.pdf

A56Newsletter/Walking With Purpose Vol 3  Issue1.pdf

Area 56Minutes 091518.pdf